Knotweed Insurance Backed Guarantees

Knotweed insurance backed guarantees (IBG)  are now required by most lenders in order to lend on property affected by Japanese knotweed. Environet is pleased to announce that all our guarantees are now underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Our clients can be confident they have the best available guarantee from a market leading knotweed specialist and… [Continue Reading]

knotweed insurance backed guarantees

Japanese Knotweed Honey and Other Uses

Japanese Knotweed for much of the time attracts bad media and scare tactics. But is the plant that bad? Well, whilst many are actively seeking Japanese Knotweed removal methods or filing for civil nuisance, its noteworthy to stop and think how this plant may actually benefit us and contribute back to society. For example, the… [Continue Reading]


Are bugs the best armoury against invading Japanese Knotweed?

After years of research, the tiny sap sucking insect Aphalara itadori is about to be released into the environment, to help tackle the advancing invasion of the superweed, Japanese Knotweed. But is this the best way to fight it? Japanese Knotweed is a major problem for owners of infested land. It can cause immense damage… [Continue Reading]


Welcome to Environet Japanese Knotweed Blog

Welcome to the new Environet UK Japanese knotweed specialists blog. Each week we will examine a particular topic relating to Japanese knotweed. The aim is to provide a single location where you can find answers to your Japanese knotweed questions. Sometimes we’ll be providing information about the latest japanese knotweed removal techniques; sometimes we’ll be… [Continue Reading]